Gift of Mobility program in Norwich, CT

At AZ Pawn & Guns, we believe in serving others. To that end, we started the “Gift of Mobility” program here in Norwich, CT. Throughout the year as part of the Gift of Mobility program we accept donations of motorized wheelchairs and scooters, we refurbish them and give them to those less fortunate at Christmas time. Nothing makes a difference in someone’s life like the freedom that a motorized chair gives to those with disabilities.

Every holiday season our owner, Phil with the help of staff, volunteers and your donations, gives refurbished wheelchairs and scooters to people who can’t afford them. Motorized wheelchairs and other mobility aids can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000. No two chairs are alike and even the batteries are expensive, starting at around $300. Believe it or not, but most insurance plans don’t cover them.

More than 400 motorized chairs and scooters
donated for FREE!

Benefits of Motorized Wheelchairs and Scooters

  • Independence: For some people with physical disabilities, a manual wheelchair, walker, cane or crutches aren’t an option. They require help to get around and aren’t able to use a manual chair without a caregiver. A motorized wheelchair means they no longer need to depend on others to take them places we all take for granted.
  • Mobility: Manual wheelchairs aren’t an option for all types of mobility issues. A motorized scooter or wheelchair can completely transform a person’s ability to get around, not just in their home, but also out of it. Without a power chair or scooter, they might be stuck at home or even bedridden.
  • Added Physical Support and Safety: Manual wheelchairs have zero support for your back. Walkers and canes require a person to bend over which also causes strain. Some types of disabilities mean a person requires extra support to sit up or needs the padding and other features that only a power wheelchair can provide.
  • Socialization: Imagine how you’d feel if you were unable to leave your home because of mobility issues. You could no longer visit friends and family without help. You might have an elderly spouse who can’t push your wheelchair everywhere anymore. A motorized wheelchair or scooter like those the Gift of Mobility program gives away, allows many people to leave their homes again for the first time in years.GOM 4
  • Increases quality of life: The suicide rate in people who have spinal cord injuries and Multiple Sclerosis is significantly higher than in the general population. The Gift of Mobility program helps people have the freedom to get out and do things again. They can shop, go to the park, take their dog for a walk, go to a family picnic, or their grandchild’s little league game. It’s amazing what a difference being able to be part of life can do for a person’s mood and outlook.

We’re New England’s only motorized wheelchair donation center, but Phil and all of us here at AZ Pawn & Guns want the Gift of Mobility giveaway to become a nationwide annual event. Even if you can’t donate, you can help spread the word, by sharing this page, our youtube videos or our GoFundMe link. Our goal is a motorized wheelchair or scooter for everyone who needs one and to do that we need your help.

For more information or to donate to the Gift of Mobility program, call us today at (860) 889-4474 and ask for Phil.

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