How to Verify Whether Your Pawn Broker in Norwich, CT Is Trustworthy

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Pawn shops are known for offering cash on the spot for antiques, electronics, jewelry and other valuables. Whether you are trying to clear some old items out of your attic before an upcoming move or you need some extra cash for an unexpected expense, you might be considering whether you should sell to a pawn broker in Norwich, CT.

If you do want to sell at a pawn shop, it’s important that you take time to find a pawn broker in Norwich, CT whom you can trust. Here are several key things that you can look for to determine whether a pawn broker is trustworthy or not:

  • Research your options: Before you select a pawn broker to do business with, do some research online to find out about your options. Pay attention to online reviews from former customers, since these testimonials will give you a much better idea of what you can expect from a pawn broker in Norwich, CT.
  • Consider experience: A pawn shop that just opened its doors in your community doesn’t have the track record behind it that you need in order to decide whether you can really trust it. Try to find a pawn shop that’s established itself in your community with years or decades of experience providing services. This level of experience demonstrates a commitment to customer service and trustworthiness that a newer pawn shop is far less likely to possess.
  • Verify licensure: A pawn broker must be fully licensed and insured to offer buying and selling services. You should verify this licensure before you work with a pawn broker so that you can be confident that they are operating in accordance with all of the relevant rules and regulations.
  • Do your homework: You shouldn’t simply believe the valuation you receive from your pawn broker without getting any other information. Do some research before you go into a pawn shop to find out more about the value of the items that you want to sell, and about the average offer a pawn shop is likely to give you.
  • Shop around: You shouldn’t feel obligated to sell to the first pawn broker in Norwich, CT that gives you an offer. Instead, shop around so that you can find a pawn broker that can offer you the best service and the most competitive offer possible. You can also call ahead to a few pawn shops to find out whether they have any interest in the item that you’re selling and to request a ball park offer for your item.

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