Get Cash for Gold in Norwich, CT at Our Pawn Shop!

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In need of some quick cash? Our pawn shop is happy to offer you quick cash for gold in Norwich, CT. We’re proud to pay out the highest prices for gold you’ll find in the area. That includes jewelry, coins and other items. We’ll pay for silver as well!

Here are just a few of the main reasons why you should consider selling your gold and silver jewelry, coins and antiques at a pawn shop, especially in comparison to a standard jewelry store.

Greater flexibility with your sale

If you try to bring your pieces into a jewelry store to sell, you might have a hard time getting any sort of value out of them if they’re in anything less than pristine condition. This is especially true if they’re made by a popular jewelry designer, or if they come from a particularly important historical period for jewelry. Jewelers only buy what they know they can sell, and will not give you the same consideration and time you’d get from a pawn shop.

At the pawn store, you’ll find much more flexibility in terms of the items you can sell. If it’s in good condition, the pawn store owner will praise the jewelry based on its resale value. However, even if a piece is considered junk, there is still some intrinsic worth to it, and the pawn broker will likely make you an offer based on that worth.

A potential for much better value

Retail jewelers will almost certainly base their price on the item’s use of precious stones or the intricacy of its designs. This means the simpler the item, the less likely you are to get a decent price for it.

Pawn shops, however, constantly monitor the market rates for precious metals and adjust the prices they’re willing to pay for jewelry based on those fluctuations. This means you’re almost always going to be able to get better prices for your jewelry than you would at a jewelry store, especially for those simpler items. This is especially true for lower-quality items. As long as at least some of the gold in the jewelry can be recovered, your pawnbroker will give you a good price for it, no matter what its style or condition may be.

A speedy transaction

Perhaps what people most appreciate about transactions with pawnbrokers is how quickly they will happen. It can take some time to wait for a jeweler to research and appraise your specific piece, as they’re likely more focused on sales than they are on purchases. Pawnbrokers, however, are able to complete appraisals and transactions quickly because this is a major part of their job, and they constantly maintain and update their knowledge about the values of precious metals and jewelry pieces.

These are just a few of the biggest benefits associated with getting cash for gold in Norwich, CT at a local pawn shop. For more information about how to get the best value for your items, contact AZ Pawn & Guns today.

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