Waiting On Your Tax Return? Get Paid at a Pawn Shop in Norwich, CT Before Your Return Comes In!

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So, you’ve finally filed your taxes. But if you waited until the last minute to get them in, you’re probably also going to be waiting on your tax return for a little bit yet. If you need a little bit of cash to tide you over until your return arrives, one option is to sell some items to a pawn shop.

Obviously, using a pawn shop as a lender isn’t for everyone. But if you know your tax return is just a week or two away, then it’s certainly an option you might consider.

Here’s a quick overview of how you can get paid at a pawn shop in Norwich, CT and the processes you’ll need to follow to do so:

  • Test or clean the item you’ll be selling: The pawnbroker will have a hard time determining the value of the item if it looks like it’s dirty, greasy or broken down. Make sure the item works as it should, and clean it up so it looks good and has some instant appeal to it. A pawnbroker probably won’t give an item more than a quick once-over if it looks like it’s been neglected for years, unless it’s something particularly valuable. The item should also be complete before you pawn it. You don’t, for example, want to pawn a television without its remote control, a tool set missing some pieces or an electronic device without all its cords or charging materials.
  • Determine how much money you need: If you’re in a situation where you just need a certain amount of money to make it through a week or two, it will be easier for you to determine how much money you need to raise at the pawnbroker. Having a specific amount in mind gives you a position from which to bargain with the pawnbroker.
  • Call the pawnbroker before going to the shop: You should first make sure the item is something a pawnbroker is actually interested in taking. You’re not going to find many pawnbrokers any more who take VCRs, VHS tapes, car stereos or other similar items. You’ll also want to know the contract period for holding the goods, as well as the terms and conditions for those goods.
  • Head over to negotiate: Bring your identification with you, then head over to the pawn shop. Keep in mind that the pawnbroker has to take in items at a relatively low price so they will be able to sell them at a bargain and still turn a profit. If the item is especially easy to resell, you’ll probably be able to get a little bit more money. Make sure you keep your pawn ticket and mark down the due date.
  • Pick up the item before the due date: Don’t wait until the last minute to pick our items back up—something could happen that could cause you to miss getting to the shop to get your item. Any items not redeemed on time could be sold.

For more information, contact a pawn shop in Norwich, CT.

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