Does Your Local Pawn and Gun Store in Norwich, CT Carry the Best Rifles for Elk Hunting?

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When it comes to elk hunting, you not only want a rifle that is light and durable enough to carry comfortably for long periods of time, but one that is well balanced and an accurate shot. You may be wondering if your local pawn and gun store in Norwich, CT carries the best types of rifles for elk hunting. What are some of the top recommended rifles? Let’s find out!

Remington Model 673 Guide Rifle

With a scope attached, this Remington bolt-action center-fire hunting rifle weighs 8.5 pounds. It’s heavier than other popular hunting rifles, but not by much, and will get the job done. From end to end, it’s a little over 41 inches long. These characteristics make the 673 relatively moderate in weight and length for a rifle. Features that make it stand out from other similar elk hunting rifles includes its .350 Magnum cartridge capacity, ventilated 22-inch rib barrel, smooth trigger pull, two-tone laminated wood stock and adjustable iron sights.

Although the Remington Model 673 Guide Rifle is light and short enough to take hunting, you might have a hard time finding one. They were introduced in 2003 and discontinued in 2004.

Ruger Compact Magnum

If you are looking for a durable, made-in-America hunting rifle with a short barrel, then the Ruger M77 Compact may be for you. It sports a 20-inch barrel and weighs 6.75 pounds without a scope, and you have your choice of a stock either made of synthetic materials or American walnut. What’s more, this gun is easy to carry and handle. Based on a shortened .375 Ruger case, both the .300 Ruger Compact Magnum and .338 RCM are excellent rifles for hunting elk.

Weatherby Mark V Deluxe

The first thing you will notice about this rifle is that it looks good—it’s attractive and worthy of taking out on a hunt. As far as elk hunting rifles go, the Weatherby Mark V Deluxe has a strong reputation in the hunting community for being one of the most powerful bolt-action rifles available on today’s market. Its aim accuracy is excellent at short distances and long range, while it’s also considered a relatively quiet gun. You’ll likely pay more for this rifle if you get it new, but you may be able to find it used at a pawn and gun store for a lower price.

Kimber Model 84M Classic

Some elk hunting rifles are categorized as ultra-light, which is where the Kimber Model 84M Classic stands. This gun weighs approximately 7 pounds, making it a great rifle for packing, carrying and hiking up mountainsides or walking a vast distance through the woods. In addition to being very light, the 84M is also easy to load, has an adjustable trigger and is extremely accurate.

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