What to Consider When Buying a Gun from a Pawn Shop in Norwich, CT

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Buying a gun from a pawn shop can net you a great deal. Not only are you able to get the gun that you want, but you are able to find one at a bargain price. While a pawn shop in Norwich, CT might offer a great selection of used guns for you to choose from, you need to be savvy with your purchasing skills and be sure you are getting a firearm that suits your needs as well as your budget. Keep these tips in mind when you are shopping for guns at your local pawn shop:

  • Look for wear: When you are looking at a gun at a pawn shop in Norwich, CT, you will notice that it may be worn from previous use. While this will most often not affect the function of the gun, you should be sure that it isn’t worn in spots that could cause danger when firing. This includes areas such as the bolt or slide These features should function easily and not be worn beyond repair.
  • Check for loose parts: If you shake the gun and you notice loose parts, you may want to rethink your gun purchase. Screws can easily be tightened, but other parts that are loose may cause significant problems with the gun’s operation. Carefully inspect the firearm’s parts to make sure they are affixed properly and that they won’t come loose when you use it.
  • Ask to disassemble it: If your pawn shop in Norwich, CT allows it, disassemble the gun so you can get a closer look at the internal parts. This will help you identify if there is any rust or pitting that can affect its operation. You will also want to look for bulges in the barrel, as this is a sign that firing will be affected.
  • Try to dry fire: Dry firing a gun, if allowed, will give you a good indication of how the gun will operate. You will be able to identify whether any of the parts stick and need repair. Also, be sure to work the magazine and rack to see if their operation is intact. By simulating the operation of the gun, you will have a good idea of how it will function when fully loaded.
  • Look for modifications: Some modifications on a gun can be good things. They can add more value to your purchase. However, other modifications can affect the gun’s ability to shoot properly and will affect the gun’s integrity. Inspect the gun thoroughly and make sure you are aware of what the stock parts of the gun are and what has been added before you buy.

Being armed with this information when you visit a pawn shop in Norwich, CT can help you identify the value and features of the gun you want to purchase. Visit AZ Pawn & Guns for your next gun purchase. We offer a vast array of firearms and military weapons as well as electronics, jewelry, gold and tools. Come see us today!

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